5 Series - 500A11 Water To Air Heat Pump

The 5 Series represents some of our best features and efficiencies yet. The 500A11 provides forced air heating, air conditioning, and even generates a portion of your home’s hot water – all from a single unit that offers a level of comfort and savings that’s far greater than any ordinary system.

  • Cabinet: The cabinet comes standard with a professional grade finish for long-lasting beauty and protection. The system is fully insulated for quiet operation with cleanable foil-backed insulation.
  • Hot Water Generation: With an optional hot water assist, the 5 Series preheats your water and delivers it to your water heater. The longer the unit operates, the greater the amount of hot water generated. In heating mode, the hot water is generated at the efficiency of the unit; while in cooling, waste heat is recovered and hot water is free.
  • Coated Air Coil: Our exclusive FormiShield Plus coating on the air coil resists corrosion and increases lifespan.
  • Patented 11 element fin technology and large size improves efficiency and dehumidification during cooling
  • IntelliStart: This optional soft starter reduces start-up amperage by up to 60% of normal draw to reduce noise, eliminate light flicker, and increase compressor life.
  • ThermaShield: Our exclusive coaxial heat exchanger coating protects against condensation for temperatures below 50°F, extending its life.
  • Compressor: For superb efficiency and reliability dual capacity units utilize Scroll UltraTech compressors.
  • Aurora Controls: The powerful Aurora Base Control (ABC) offers two way communication between components, advanced operating logic and robust troubleshooting capabilities.
  • . Blower Motor: A variable speed ECM motor runs at only the speed needed for maximum efficiency and savings. Other choices include a standard PSC or high efficiency 5-Speed ECM blower motor for comfort and quiet operation.
  • Filter and Filter Rack: Pleated MERV 11 filter is standard while an optional pleated MERV 13 is available for improved air quality.
MODELClg Capacity MBtuHEERHtg Capacity MBtuHCOPDimensions HxWxDWeight Lbs.
500A11-01213.0 18.0 9.6 3.7 34.5x22.2x22.5 165
500A11-01818.5 18.0 14.7 3.8 39.4x22.5x26.5 200
500A11-02221.5 20.5 14.2 3.7 48.5x22.5x26.5 300
500A11-03029.2 21.1 19.8 3.8 48.5x22.5x26.5 315
500A11-03634.6 19.6 24.1 4.0 50.4x25.6x31.6 368
500A11-04241.6 18.6 27.5 3.7 54.4x25.6x31.6 403
500A11-04848.9 17.3 35.0 3.6 54.4x25.6x31.6 418
500A11-06065.5 18.2 43.2 3.7 58.4x25.6x31.6 453
500A11-07070.6 17.0 52.0 3.4 58.4x25.6x31.6 478

Warranty Information

  • Compressor for 120 months - Limited Parts and Labor
  • All Parts for 120 months - Limited Parts and Labor

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